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G03 78 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia
  • 1,2,3 BEDS 117 Pacific High Way HORNSBY

    1,2,3 BEDS 117 Pacific High Way HORNSBY

  • 86 Northbourne Drive MARSDEN PARK

    86 Northbourne Drive MARSDEN PARK

  • 4XX/260 Coward Street, MASCOT

    4XX/260 Coward Street, MASCOT

  • 12/26-30 Marian Street KILLARA

    12/26-30 Marian Street KILLARA


Why Choose Us

Unhappy with your current property manager? No worries! You can change agencies at no extra cost as we manage the entire transition.

What sets KONNECT apart from other property management firms is our focus on three key parameters:


We appreciate the importance of timely responses and endeavour to offer speedy reverts to landlord instructions and tenant enquiries.


With a dedicated research team in place, our knowledge of the Sydney real estate market is yours for the taking. This consistent analysis and knowledge also allows us to implement strategic marketing campaigns to attract the right tenants at the right time.


We are continually analysing the Sydney property market to ensure our home owner clients achieve maximum returns on their properties. With an eye to minimising vacancy periods and maximising returns, we measure our success to your results.



We simply the complex process of selling homes


Taking the stress out of managing a property


Our property portfolio matches all prospective tenants’ needs